We understand how difficult it is for founders from non software backgrounds run their software projects in house. We help you simplify that by extending our software development expertise to your team.

What we do

  • Software Consulting

    We have quite an experience with the service industry and sprinkled with experiences in the product industry. To say, we understand the best and worst of both worlds isn't an understatement. We can bring this expertise to you, and help with multiple areas of your software lifecycle.

  • Software Development

    We have a team of talented developers, architects and experienced Project Managers. We take on projects varying from interesting to very challenging, while also ensuring timely and high quality delivery. Given our expertise, we guarantee to bring all our learning from the industry in making sure the work we ship is what we are proud of.

  • Product Development

    While we help your software development efforts succeed, we also build products and solutions that bring a lot of value to various niche groups. We focus on the needs of fellow entrepreneurs and bring valuable solutions to help the community grow.

Contact Us

Drop us a note at contact @ rohabini dot com and we will promptly get back to you.